drumsticks - standard

Medium-sized and standard-sized sticks for intermediate to adult players. School students would be advised to chose 7A over 5A so as not to put too much strain on developing muscles but are not recommended for primary school-aged children. 

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Phil Collins Hickory Drumstick, Wood Tip

ProMark's Signature Series is the result of extensive collaboration and development with our artist roster. These drumsticks are tailored to fit the specific needs of each artist.
£15.49 £14.49

ProMark ActiveGrip 7A hickory drumsticks

Promark's Classic 7A model with ActiveGrip finish.
£15.70 £10.95

ProMark Classic Forward 7A hickory drumsticks

Fabulous natural-feeling sticks bearing the famous ProMark logo, in the smaller and lighter 7A size.
£10.89 £8.65

ProMark FireGrain 7A Classic Forward hickory drumsticks

ProMark FireGrain – a revolutionary heat-tempering process that transforms ordinary hickory drumsticks into precision tools with unprecedented durability.
£15.90 £12.95

ProMark LA Special 7A hickory drumsticks

Sticks made by ProMark for the budget-conscious.
£4.95 £4.45

ProMark Shira Kashi Classic Attack 7A drumsticks

ProMark Classic Attack drumsticks feature a forward-weighted design combined with dense Shira Kashi Oak for increased force into the playing surface.
£16.39 £11.65