Regal Tip

Founder of Regal Tip, Joe Calato, took it as his mission to upgrade the drumstick, beginning with the quality of the wood used, the drying of the wood, quality control for straightness of grain, weight, knots, warp and finally the famous Regal Tip PEF finish.

Joe Calato's dedication to manufacturing only quality percussion products for drummers was ingrained in his children and grandchildren. A long list of innovations includes the Thai Sticks, Conga Stick, Danny Reyes Multi-Percussion Stick, and most recently the E-Tip drumstick. The company is still owned and operated by the Calato family. Now, as the third generation begins to assume responsibility for the day to day operations, they continue the commitment to produce quality products for drummers and percussionist very seriously. The tradition goes on.

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