Pearl Roadshow Junior 5-piece drum kit in bronze metallic

A nearly-mint condition, Pre-loved, Junior-sized drum kit in bronze metallic

For younger drummers, it is essential the bass drum is not too large otherwise they have to stretch to reach the mounted toms and pedals. An 18" bass drum is ideal for drum students of Primary School age and this example from Pearl ensures that a student doesn't have to compromise on quaility just because they've only started on their drumming journey. 

This example is in excellent condition throughout and includes all hardware including an appropriately adjustable stool. Please note: all images are from Pearl and are for illustrative purposed only.

Further information from Pearl can be found here.

As this kit comes with the original Pearl heads, we would recommend that you go for a complete change (batter & resonant) so the kit sounds at its best. If you have this done at the time of delivery, you will not pay an extra service charge. Details of the service are here

Kit  Manufacturer: Pearl

Kit Model: Roadshow

Colour: Bronze metallic

Drums: bass drum (18" x 12"); mounted tom #1 (10" x 7"); mounted tom #2 (12""x 8"); floor tom (14" x 10"); snare drum (13" x 5")

Cymbals: none included

Hardware: All original Pearl Roadshow specification including an additional cymbal stand and stool

This drum kit is only available to Steve Thornley's Drum Students under the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme which allows any student at a State school or Academy to purchase an instrument without paying VAT. To use the scheme, please complete this form and send to or post to Steve Thornley, PO BOX 3083, Littlehampton, BN16 4NW. Please use the following details on your form:

Item: Pearl Roadshow in bronze metallic

Price: £345 including delivery, setup and tune with original heads; £545 including delivery, set-up and tune with new heads throughout.